My boss is a confirmed case of an arrogant shithead.

Yesterday, they made a late announcement that we should work from home instead. I came back from lunch to an almost empty office so I went home on a hot afternoon and spent a few minutes sharing the roof of a bus stop with 30+ people (it's that hot). Everyone's melting and dizzily waiting for a crowded bus that we will crowd into as well. It's the best experience ever, being stuck in there like a can of sardines, exchanging breaths with random people, sweating all over each other like an orgy.

Do we want to do that again? No, so we decided to work from home today. You advised us not to go to the office if we feel unsafe and then you guilt-trip us and give us shit for doing so. You said we should use our common sense because there are only less than 100 cases in the country of millions of people and we shouldn't panic. Ba dum tss! First of all, it's not panic, it's precaution. The confirmed cases are just a few meters away from the office and people from there walk around the vicinity eating at the same restaurants below the office building. Also, let's use your word "panic". There are *only* less than 100 cases, so when do you panic? When there's as much cases as the black death because people walked around without symptoms spreading this shit?

Not to mention, you've been traveling everywhere yourself this month, even from a country with 100+ cases. Maybe you're the dumbass walking around telling people not to be scared while being a super spreader yourself. Imagine the irony if you ended up being one of those confirmed cases. Imagine the guilt if one of the employees you force into coming to work becomes a confirmed case, then what will be your speech? There's only one employee with the virus, we should all go to work?

I know the disclaimer is useless because some trigger-happy users who lack basic reading comprehension will misinterpret this and get outraged for no reason - I get that panic doesn't help but arrogance doesn't either. Saying that there are only X number of cases when those cases are just a walking distance from your area and the said virus doesn't show symptoms early on. When other companies even farther from the area are announcing work from home, not from panic, but for precaution. And here you are, you have developers who don't even need to be in the office to do their jobs, yet you insist they come to work anyway while you and other managers wouldn't even show up in the office.

Fucking excellent, my boi. Fire me. I've not caving into the guilt-trip.

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    Infect him with your hot Corona love.
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    @Root I'll mount his dick like a crown on a head.
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    After reading till 'confirmed case', I thought you were gonna say Coronavirus.
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    @-red My priorities are a bit skewed. :D
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    Confirmed cases should be quarantined until recovered
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    @Root fanfiction of rutee in 3...2...

    @rutee07 he's paying lip-service to safety, because he wants you to work but HR was probably like "you cant force them under threat of being fired to be here, or they might be able to sue." etc, etc.

    He IS an arrogant shit. And a malicious one too.

    Should come into the office and cough in his vicinity while talking to him. Thats what I'd do. Pretend to be sick to make the cockbreathed dipshit paranoid. I'd make him regret being duplicitous and insincere, but thats just what I'd do.
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    @Wisecrack That's the fun part, him and the other managers weren't even in the office so he doesn't even practice what he preaches. The only thing he can practice from the safety of his home is keeping calm.
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    I haven't written a fan fiction in a while.. Hmm..
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