Fuck Coronavirus and fuck the person, responsible for the outbreak.
The local commiccon, linux-days and my working-period at a location on the other side of Germany got canceled.
My complete weekend just got annihilated.

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    More time for gaming then amirite
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    Same wanted to attend Leipzig Book Fair, meet up with friends again and have a good time.

    Well now I have no plans for the weekend.
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    Come to London and enjoy the comparatively desolate streets and gloom. And by enjoy I mean whatever it actually is you do in those conditions.
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    A weekend with Comiccon in Leipzig and Linux-days in Chemnitz would easily beat a whole week of free time for gaming.
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    Press f in the chat lol
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    Also anticipated a conference in a month that got cancelled.
    I was looking forward to that before the virus started showing up!
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    Im from leipzig but currently located at bremen and I feel quite safe.

    I don’t think there was _one_ person responsible. The _one_ person responsible for all of this worked in good faith, but still died from the virus.

    It’s yet again, state officials not taking his job serious. But at least germany is doing it decently (not good, not bad, but takes the right precautions)
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    That's nothing here i have to hear whole 5 minutes caller tune of how to stop covid19 from spreading everytime i call someone.
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    @-pthread where in the world is this happening?
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    Same here except for that it's my entire festival season 😭
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