I hate remote working

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    I do the odd day at home, but it’s dull and hard to get motivated.

    If we have to self isolate, think I’ll get cabin fever quickly!
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    Day 4:
    I miss my colleagues and I can't find motivation to work.
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    Day 5: I miss the Sunday lunch.
    I see everything closing, but i still need to work.
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    Day 6: It's saturday. I want to get outside, but I must remain at home
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    Day 7: I had nothing to do in day 7, so I slept all day 7
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    Day 8: I feel surprisingly motivated today. Maybe I had a "office hangover".
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    Day 9: I can't watch TV, every channel was changed to almost a 24h stream of COVID-19 news. You can't watch 2 minutes without seeing some popup of a piece of news of COVID-19
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    Day 10: HELP ME!
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