Why printer services is stuck in time?

The windows printer spooler is old like my grandma. He fuck all the time but nobody wants to recode it ? I need to search for old driver a day long to make it fucking work at 10%

On linux generic printer driver do the job but cannot do all the things you want

Why is so fucking complicated all the time ? ( Don't think that scanner work you don't have de correct driver )

Solutions printer share the code for how de fuck i work ?

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    Get a network printer and use netcat
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    Rent a printer, you'll pay per page, but you'll get a serious device with proper support, and a person you can call to set it up for you. Plus ink is covered in price, so the rental company will make sure to get the best deal and to keep it from running out, instead of you buying it at overinflated retail prices.
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