Ok, it must be said, as I see that even here, developers, who are supposed to be smart people, actually believe that corona virus is harmless, and believe that governments and media are overreacting.

So to the point, yes, covid-19 is harmless at this point, but it’s a fucking virus and viruses do mutate as they spread. If it was ignored as a lot of smartass ignorant people suggest, that would allow virus to mutate freely until it would reach the state that it becomes a threat to human race survival.

There’s actually a good damn example from the past (1918) - Spanish flu. It started as a regular flu (just like corona now), well it was ww1, so everyone ignored it, and believed it will go away by itself + media is forbidden to write about it in most countries, because it may affect the war. So virus spreads and reaches stage 2 - it’s able to kill healthy young grown up person in 24 hours. Over 2 years, 50 million people are dead because of virus, and keep in mind that world population back then was somewhere about 2 billions.

Now I agree, that some people are totally overreacting, but come on, we’re talking about the same people who were doing tide pods challenge a few years back... #stupidpeopledoingstupidthings

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    I agree but I don't think the virus is harmless even at this point. If too many people get infected, there is no way we will be able to give everyone proper medical help and there will be many deaths. If the virus mutates freely (and it does pretty fast - Chinese scientists say, it became more dangerous) and we will not be prepared with lots of infected people. It is gonna be a disaster.
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    First, 50 million deaths from Spanish flu is upper estimation, the lower one being just 17 million - the death rate was between 3.5% and 10% among the estimated 500 million infected, while the upper estimated death rate for covid-19 is less than 5%, and it's probably much lower because we're primarily recording cases with somewhat severe symptoms and those in contact. Further, the increased deadlines of Spanish flu was a direct consequence of the war, as those with severe symptoms were sent back home, while those with mild symptoms remained relatively isolated on the front lines. War also weakened imune system of many young individuals (where the death rate increased the most). On the other hand, if we isolate those with severe symptoms like we've been doing since the beginning, any deadly strain will quickly die out.
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    A good read for everyone: https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/...
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    Odds of trump using executive power to cancel the election?
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    I don’t think that governments overreact. In fact, they should do more and accept some economical damage.

    But the people, they act like fucking maniacs.
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    First of all "developers, who are supposed to be smart people" - the average developer isnt really smarter than the average person.

    Personally i am probably one of the "idiots" you are talking about that isnt over overreacting yet, due to it isnt that big of a threat for "myself" yet. But dont get me wrong, i am still concerned for the people who actually has a chance to die by this virus in the currently state.

    I do understand people are afraid due to how fast its infecting other who isnt infected and how long it takes. But when thats said, i find it completely useless to go all panic mode (of cause i am not applying we should ignore the entire problem, that would just be straight up idiotic).

    Let me come up with an example, like 2 days ago when the danish prime minister "closed" a lot of things down for the next 2 weeks right now, the first thing people did was running down to the local store in all panic mode. (so basically all the stores was full, after we just got told to
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    @Frederick to avoid places with a certain amount of people. Also that fact how people over bought things that probably are going to be thrown out, because people bought an absurd amount of all the basic things, due to the "what if" scenario)
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    @just8littleBit My entire problem with my own government in my case is that, they just did what they should have done from the beginning 2 days ago, like we almost didnt even care when it started, because nobody was infected in Denmark (or at least non known cases at that time yet). Like we almost just didnt care people was coming back from china, or some that at the time known infected zones in other countries in Europe. (of cause i do not say it would had stopped all the cases, but at least i do believed it could at least stopped maybe some people from getting infacted). Like why did hell would we just do something when around 400-600 people that we know has been infected. (around 2 weeks ago the first known person was found with the virus), now we are at 600 its probably going to be at least 1000 at the end of the weekend or around early next week.
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    @Frederick yeah, I get your point.
    Here in Ireland, we had around 40 cases and 1 death. Hours after the first death Dey kicked down schools and public offices. 1 day later, most software companies are WFH. So I have to say I’m kinda proud how the Irish governments dealing with it.
    Im not Irish myself btw, just living here.
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    @SortOfTested nah, dems decided to just run ducks this year.

    I doubt repealing health care will be on the ticket though, the cost of it was already going up before the virus and now I don't want to even guess at how much it's going to be, copay policy in place or not.

    Trump had already left his plans for it open this year. New York Times said back in February that the amounts he's claiming to cut from the budget this year are high but there was very little mention of the affordable health care act and really no indication of how he planned to achieve those numbers.

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    My only question is whether or not he gets comfortable with emergency powers.
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    @SortOfTested If it were just the trump we've seen on tv I'd say it'd be a little more concerning, but that trump is as about as real as reality tv.

    That's why hillary didn't have a shot. If she'd have been more of a drama queen when her old man was getting blown by half the staff in the white house, maybe, but no one was gonna vote for the woman that just stood idly by while all that went down. Especially after they found out she belonged to the over 50/can't understand basic email crowd 🙄
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    @Frederick they're not even shutting down stores here. They're leaving it up to the individual vendors, which naturally wanna sell all of their stock first. Those that can get resupplied quickly will most likely do so and sell all of their stock just as fast as they get it in.

    The reason for that is all this talk of possibly containing the spread to the areas it was already affecting leaves everyone completely complacent until it inevitably touches home then everyone panics and starts flooding the stores all at the same time, most likely increasing the rate of the spread give that the odds of some of them already having it by then are so high.

    It takes what, two weeks for it to progress to a reasonably detectable level for those not specifically looking for it?
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    I wouldn't say harmless, the mortality rate for old people is really high while virtually harmless for <30 year olds also seems like the death rate in Italy is way higher than in China
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