All this started around an year back. In college we had this subject of web programming where we were given a mini project to do. The topics were given related to college stuff. Mine was an attendance system. Made a simple website using all i knew about bootstrap, jquery, etc since i had some previous experience with web. The professor liked it and asked me to further improve it so that it can actually be implemented. This was six months back.

Since that day, to this date, that guy asks me to add a new feature or just modify something every two weeks. These guys just want free work and think everyone is just free. Neither does he help a bit... just demands... god knows when this forever loop would end! It has become frustrating now...it just feels as though why i showed my skills in the first place πŸ˜πŸ˜–

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    Can't you just stop doing it?
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    no actually... he has informed his seniors about it as well... that something like this is being worked on... and i have like one and half year left... it might come back if i leave now! 😐
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    @rjagiasi oh, you're in a contract?
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    no, i'm a student.
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    @rjagiasi oh ok, I thought you already got out of college and this guy still makes you do updates. Well that sucks. I wish you could just say "go fuck yourself" to him but you're still stuck there.
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