So my first rant is about my current job. I got out of college after a year doing basic research on a SBIR/NASA grant. Nothing too interesting but great entry-level experience on sub-sustenance wages based on the cost of living in 1971.. And finally got that great offer to work with an IoT company for a living wage, with a chance to really flex my hard earned skills, and maybe even the ability to afford medical insurance while paying my rent on time!

They said 'network & software engineering', but my only projects are graphic design for sales copy with a guy who thinks FourSquare is a website hosting service.
They said 'full time', but in reality it isn't.
They said $50k a year, but apparently their mouths wrote a check that they don't have bank to cash.
The guy who approves my projects is taking a vacation because of the coronavirus panic and now I won't get paid for a week.
They seem like nice folks, but also a bit irresponsible and it looks like I fell for a bait-and-switch.
Now I'm trying to find a way of spinning off this experience into something that doesn't look like a lame free-lance graphic design gig while looking for better paying work.

if (!ethical) { alert("fml"); }

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    Add the experience to your resume and flag your linked in with "looking for work." Add the skills of what you can do and want to do. ???. Profit
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    @SortOfTested already have ;)
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    Sounds to me like you are playing this nicely. The job wasn't what you expected and isn't going to give you engineering experience. And (big wtf here) they are failing you in the most fundamental way they can: correct and timely comp. Failing to do this can also be a sign that the company is in dire straights or has bigger operational problems that will affect you down the road. Another reason to leave.

    They didn't deliver on what they promised, so you started planning your exit instead of wasting more time there. Well done, in my opinion.
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    You should have no problem getting a job contracting for the government if you are willing to relocate
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