I love watching how all these retards who were laughing from people who took the virus seriously from the start turn into the same ones they made fun of and thinking they are the smartest and best. Fucking proud of you all, thank you for doing such a service for all of humanity. Or people who think they "can't" get sick so they endanger the others. Why are people so stupid and they wake up only if it is already too late? Is it so fucking hard to stay at home? To not go skiing? To not be selfish and sit on your fucking arse at home? Fuck!

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    all? Sure plenty of those who were just listening to someone else are now panicking when it hits close to home, they were most likely buying in to the idea that the authorities would stop the spread before it got to them. But those who were forming opinions based on the presented statistics are still most likely to be of the same opinion as they were originally
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    @M1sf3t Those you mentioned in the last part don't amount to much of the population, unfortunately.
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    @Jilano ikr? Now y'all see why I'm content to live in a remote area. You guys can all keep rolling dice with those fools, I'll take my chances with the mosquitoes.
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