What i like - and what is unique - about devRant, is that there are quite active users, and you get to know their personalities and can profile each one, quite the opposite of Reddit where people are just dummy throwaway accounts.

I personally like the passive users that don't scream hate for technologies and don't judge anyone by their level of expertise.

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    There was a dude that used to shit post almost daily and it got to the point where I could tell it's his post before I even opened it.
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    @Stuxnet i had the same experience with some edgy users.
    Like "Oh, it's you again"
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    @Stuxnet I'll just walk away slowly now Capitan.
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    We all have our "I'm smart" and "How tf didn't I notice that? It's so obvious, it's right there! [...]" moments. Though the rant about yourself part occurs more often compared to celebrating yourself.
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    @Stuxnet is talking about me
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    just know that @Stuxnet is a puto
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    @Stuxnet SuckMikHock or something like that? Kinda like a knockoff Rutee.
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    @Stuxnet Wonder where I know that from.
    Also, is it summer already?
    Or are you in a personality crisis involving color if clothes?
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    @Ranchu mate it's hot asf here. It was at least 70F (21C) every day last week.

    @gathurian Rutee is actually pretty funny. SMH just shit posted about how he wanted to die and hated girls.
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