Happened last semester, due to lack of admin rights to us students on our computer in OS Lab, a friend wasn't able to start a program. So the OS teacher came and instructed the lab helper to install more RAM on the computer, so that programs cam run without admin access.
We lost all hope of ever understanding OS in class.

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    That's really sad. Where do you study?
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    @aDib BIT mesra India. We have some good teachers too but this guy is...well... He is awesome( heavy sarcasm😫)
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    Well man, relax and study on your own, that always work. ;)
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    Are you fucking kidding with me?! BIT Mesra has that kind of faculty?! It is second to the IITs ... I don't believe this! Maybe you misunderstood something? I am assuming the professors there are extremely reputed with multiple high impact publications. What's the name of the faculty?
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    @kai18 Believe me man. I also came here with the same beliefs. Yes we have faculty with great publications but still there are some idiots. I was in the lab sitting next to my friend when this happened so I can assure you this happened and the whole class heard it too. We have some great faculty, some good ones, and some idiots.
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    Sounds like a cool feature! Reserved memory chips for unprivileged users! What OS was it? Something the professor wrote himself maybe?
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    @siljamicke The teacher once said he thinks COBOL is the best language to code anything and new languages are shit. OS was windows,oh wait, maybe he wrote it that's why windows is so shitty.
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