VsCode difftool is awesome, does anyone know to reproduce it on vim?

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    Yeah just download the VSCode-difftool-is-awesome-here-is-the-vim-reproduction extension on GifHub
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    Yeah vimdiff as above is awesome
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    @AlgoRythm wish it was that easy

    @M1sf3t I’ll try it, tried fugitive too
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    @devTea I don't know how it compares to what vscode has, it's just what was included. If your using neo, run the usual nvim from the console and add the -d flag, then the two file names.
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    I think comparing vscode with vim is not right. ( I personally code in emacs since about a month).

    Ofc on a really abstract layer vscode and vim are file editors.

    But they both take radical different approaches. (Vim being the better in the long run, imo) so rather then asking how do i make vim do a vscode thing ask: how do I solve this using vim. The above comments provide solutions.
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    @devTea vimdiff ships with vim.

    Can just run from command line vimdiff /path/first/file /path/second/file or can use inside vim :!vimdiff file1 file2

    Or use :diffsplit file2 inside of vim
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    @Liz3 How do I configure Vim to suck less?

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    @irene Starting by coding in vanilla Vim? For what it is worth this is how I got myself started.
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