What do you think about eldernode to buy ovh VPS?
Did you use its services?


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    Started with Linode, moved to DigitalOcean and now I'm in between DO and Google Cloud Platform. Not come across these guys before.
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    @engin Ha! I went the other way - moved from DigitalOcean to Linode. I effed up my configs and decided to just drop the VM altogether and since my billing period was up, just for the hell of it I dropped Linode too... just this weekend I started to move into UpCloud.
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    Tried buying something from OVH last year, they made it so incredibly hard to sign up, select a plan and make a purchase that I gave up after some 3 days trying. Errors after errors and warnings and can't do this and that,n o customer support either. I'd be interested if they fixed their shit as I _might_ be convinced to switch some of my stuff from Linodes to bare metal due to cost effectiveness.
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    11$ for a 1GB RAM and one core? Isn't that expensive?

    At scaleway for that price I get 4GB RAM and 3 vCpu cores, https://scaleway.com/en/pricing/
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    as for me I used Vultr, then now Scaleway though I don't do heavy stuff
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