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Dear holodreamer ( version 2018 ),

I'm just glad that I'm still alive now. You won't believe how terrible 2020 is at the moment! Anyways, a lot has happened since you wrote me and I'm gonna reply it all to you.

Thanks for noticing. I really like my hairstyle now and my insecurity of going bald have gone. I couldn't be more happy.

Unfortunately, I'm not financially independent yet. Thanks to the crypto crash, the crypto ban in the country and some bad calls on my end. :/. But the good news is that we are back on the crypto market as the ban has been lifted recently. I don't have enough crypto to buy a lambo or go to the moon, but I have something that I could give to my grand kids. At this point, I don't really care anymore how much the value it is going to be, I have come to learn to think them of as a souvenir.

Your prediction of me preparing to move out of country seems to have come true. Honestly, I had given up that dream, but thanks to one of my best friend for reigniting those dreams - I may be moving somewhere really better by next year. I hope that I get this financial independence thing figured out before I move there. I don't wanna live there paycheck to paycheck.

Fortunately, I'm not getting any pressure to get married yet. I think I'm heading the way to a better life filled with some travel and adventures. I had a great opportunity to attend Google I/O 2020, but it got cancelled. Hopefully, covid19 will be over in few months.

Yea, I remember her. I got really carried away to the point that things she said started to hurt my heart. But eventually we had some argument and we stopped talking last September and I cut all contacts with her on the new years. If it makes you feel any better, last time i checked, she looks quite plumpy and totally different.

Thankfully, I'm not that lonely to need a chat bot. But I found some good online friends. They are fun to talk to.

No, AI didn't replace developers yet. Calm down! Javascript seems to be the most popular programming language now. But I hear there is a new contender to JavaScript that could change everything. It's called WebAssembly. Maybe in few years, we will see the decline of JavaScript.

Thinking about you, I feel some guilt for wasting your potential. I could have done much better if I was little more careful and responsible with you. I don't wanna make 2022 version of me feel bad for me.

holodreamer ( version 2020 )

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    Dear Holodreamer (2020 version)

    You cannot believe how shitty 2021 is. You know how every year we're like: "That won't last. No worries, good years are ahead!" Well... We might have been wrong on that, mate.

    I have to stop the transmission now, else I'll be found. Enjoy it while last...!
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    Dear Holodreamer 2020,

    I asked you to pass the lube last 2018 and I haven't received it yet. I have now discovered a new source of energy and I'm afraid that the CIA is on to me. I was rubbing one out and the friction generated some sort of electricity, the lights in the asylum went out, and I think.. I think I saw Jesus or is it a genie? He asked for a wish and I wished for lubes. He asked if I'm sure I don't want a cure for the virus instead. I said no, I kinda need the lube.

    See, this is all your fault. If you had just passed the lube, none of this would have happened. Elon has been texting me non-stop. He wanted me to test out his Wank Truck 3000 and see how fast I can go with it. I'm so tired of all this attention. I just want to fap one out in peace.

    With slippery hands,
    Rutee 2020
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