What's everyone favorite Linux distro? Currently using elementary OS, still relatively new to linux but looking to make an official switch since it speeds up my development flow.

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    Desktop: MintOS
    Server: Centos (! Eight)

    My daily os: Windows.
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    Gentoo for true edge, Manjaro for usable edge, Ubuntu when I don't want to use my brain, Debian for stability/server.

    Oh, also OpenBSD whenever I can.
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    Pop OS. It's basically Ubuntu, but with some reasonable modifications. I want to focus on work instead of hacking stuff together and Pop works great for this.
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    @C0D4 how’s centos 8? I’m currently at 7 and thinking about switching to either new version or to different distro
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    @Rozz I haven't gone there yet, reviews are still sketchy with problems which is to be suspected to some part being a major release but at the same time, we all use CentOS for the simple fact it's suppose to be extremely stable.

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