Senior: “we can go remote now, but you have to report what you did at the end of the day. Ex: 7am clock in work on bla bla to 10am. 10am -12nn still working on bla bla. Til end of day.”

What a crap. Now I don’t want to work remote with this bunch of reports at the end the day. Some bullshit in here.

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    @24th-Dragon we dont have anything like that at work. We dont have a methodology in our office. We only have trello and then you only have 3 weeks to solve the problem no reports.
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    Micromanagement != scrum or any other recognised project management.

    Micromanagement == shitty company/manager that you should escape from ASAP
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    @nibor i have student loan. Maybe after. Yea i know this is micro managing but I couldn’t do anything. 👉🏻👈🏻
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