Actors/Use cases and analysis modeling approaches as a whole are for retards that require pictures for everything they do.
Designing this shit is time consuming and should be delegated to simple board drawing rather than full featured software that can develop this monumental waste of time.

Change my mind

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    I'll go a step further. The demand for actor-based diagrams is generally an indication they have every intention of replacing you with a picture-needing window licker at some point during their long term plan.

    I do like sequence diagrams though.
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    @SortOfTested agreed. I am just getting so frustrated over seeing this bs in class.
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    @SortOfTested every day on devrant I learn a new way to insult people :)
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    Depends of what team you have.
    When the team gets too noisy about what it needs to be done, I do some modeling.

    We are a visual creature, sometimes words don't enter the ears of some colleagues. It's needed to draw.

    But, yeah, making diagrams by default is bad.
    The only diagram that it's necessary always is a data model (updated and with all tables well documentated)
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    I use zim (a wiki) and plantuml to design this graphs writing a specific code.
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