How do you go forward with a project you're stuck on and you can't find the motivation to keep going?

I'm working on a relatively small and simple project for a friend. It's not that complicated overall, I've completed most of it already, and there are no stringent deadlines, so I can take my time.

But the last part has turned out to be a bit more complex to implement properly than I expected, and due to the fact that I can't seem to find a solution that satisfies me I'm completely put off from continuing.

Which is completely stupid of course, I want to finish this (and get paid), but my motivation to even open the project files is nowhere to be found.

The whole coronavirus lockdown situation isn't helping either for that matter, I feel like I'm going crazy stayin locked inside these four walls all day every day.


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    You want motivation? Ok. You're not allowed to poop until you finish the project.
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    What’s so complex about it?
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    I was stuck for a week on something at work. It wasn't until I talked it over with my lead that I found a path. Turns out I'm too afraid to extend code that i consider untouchable core code.
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    @hash-table any tips on how to do that when you're completely alone?
    Pretty much none of my friends know anything about programming, and the few that do I doubt they could (or would be interested in) hold a lengthy conversation about what I'm doing, how I'm doing ot, or why. Or maybe I'm just being too arrogant and they would gladly help me.

    This my first freelance project, so I have no boss (other than my client/friend) to talk to, or anyone that could review my code or at least discuss the architecture.

    In the month and a half since I wrote this rant I did actually come up with a fairly straightforward solution to my problem, but my motivation is still nowhere to be found. I still haven't touched it.

    I guess what I'm really scared of is the fact that I'm still trying to grasp how to properly juggle multiple things with concurrency in python (see my most recent rant why), and that fear is blocking me.

    My poor mental state due to two months of lockdown isn't helping either.
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    @endor completely understand, I've been there too. I don't have any good answers for this.
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    I find I'm the most motivated when I have a clear global picture of what I'm trying to do, with a good [enough] grasp of the finer details of each step, or at least how to get there.

    But this whole concurrency thing has been throwing me in a loop - lots of things not working the way I would expect them to, and no way to figure out if it's just an accidental mistake that slipped under my radar or a serious misunderstanding of some concept in my mental model of the problem.

    So now all I have is an incomplete picture: I know where I begin, and I know where I want to end, but I have no idea how to actually get there in code, so my vision is fuzzy and I feel completely lost.
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    Completely understand, you need to try to get onto a team, you know enough to do it, just need them to learn from, it took me a while but I did it eventually.
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    also concurrency or promises or async sucks, it is def hardest part of programming. I still have problems with it.
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    @gruff oh, sorry, I must have missed the notification of your reply.
    If you're still interested in a response: I'm basically trying to figure out how to perform some background tasks in a small python program, but concurrency is a bitch and I'm still fairly new to it - so every time I think I figured out how a certain construct works, I try to apply it again and everything breaks.
    Rinse and repeat untill the will to smash your head against the wall grows beyond a comfortable threshold.
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    @endor No Worries, I am not a python dev, and at the inebriated state I am in right now I probably am not best of help, but if you seriously need help I can be available tomorrow (when I am sober)to go over things with you and see if I can figure it out. idk how you want to communicate but my keybase.io screen is djfordz
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    @hash-table oh wow, that's a very generous offer! Don't worry though, at this point I've more or less figured out what I want to do with my program, I just need to figure out how to translate that idea into python code specifically. So unless you're familiar with python and curio specifically, I don't think there's much you can do 😅
    I just have to suck it up and learn some more about curio.

    But I really appreciate the offer! It definitely made my day (well, night) better! Thank you for that :)
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    @endor no worries, I have confidence in you! yeah not being a python dev prob not much help, but don't feel down about that shit ok? it is normal, especially with hard to grasp concepts, in fact most of my frustration comes from the way blogs/dev name/explain things in one language it is a lambda, in another an anonymous function, in another, etc.... same with async and concurrency. all confusing.
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