Been made redundant today.

Get some tissues cause imma spill my tea across your keyboards.

It was my first job. I was a UX designer.(I guess I have to use past tense?) I was there for 6 months. It was enjoyable and rewarding,slightly stressful because I worked for two companies under an umbrella company and was split 50-50.
I was told to come to work and I went and I saw one of my bosses in the room aswell ( I have two bosses btw - 2 companies)
The head of IT comes in and tells us we both have been made redundant as our company is not doing well ( its a travel company)...
I was shocked and I cried. I felt sorry for my boss he was there for ten yrs. And he has kids. I was told I could go home but I went to bathroom and cried. I came out and I didn't know if I was supposed to finish the day ( I had 3 meetings) or go home.... So I went to the meeting like a dumb dumb.
Most awk meeting because the other company didn't even know I was made redundant. The meeting was about how even though its a difficult time for us we r United and we aren't firing u guys just take unpaid holidays etc. Btw IT head was in that meeting was shocked to see me there ... I don't even know why I went. Anyways I found out they got rid of 174 employees across the umbrella company. I had to awkwardly tell my other boss I've been made redundant. He was shocked... I don't even know what to do. How to do. Sigh. I asked him if we wanted me to finish work off he's like do whatever u want to do.... I mean whattt.

Also does anyone know what a redudancy consultantion meeting is? It's my first job I have no idea what happens. Anyone here made redundant? How did u cope with it? Do u think I'm gonna get another job in this pandemic? Sorry I'm just a bit lost

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    My bosses wife was also made redudant this just gets sadder and sadder.
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    I hate that word... Redundant... Like someone's going to be doing the things you were doing while still doing their own job? Yeah. Fucking. Right.

    I had to swallow that pill last fall. So...

    I don't know what a redundancy meeting is. Might be corporate bullshit parade, might not, but go there and grab anything you're offered that can help you, be it contacts or knowledge - can't hurt.

    The world's not going to run out of need for IT people, you'll be fine. Dust off that CV, look minutiously at your past work and document it well so that people can see what you've accomplished and what you've worked with. Fire up LinkedIn, contact your recruiter contacts and start applying. It may be Corona times but some companies move forward unfettered and I've heard quite a few are still hiring.

    Best of luck!
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    Thank you! And sorry you had to go through that.
    I think Ill be fine, I mean I graduated last year and this job was my first so it'll be fine I think.
    Maybe netflix or Amazon can hire me, I'm great at making toilet paper look asthetically pleasing you know?
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    Upside, my partner literally just got an amazing job as a UI/UX designer yesterday with an insane salary and benefits package. So people are still hiring at this time. Chin up, don't stop looking.
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    You're still a designer! Keep working and adding stuff to your portfolio.
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    @sadgrad19 heh, turned out it was the best damn thing that could happen to me. Got a 33% raise, no evenings and weekends, free time off on actual holidays, can work from home whenever I goddamn please and have a couple veterans willing to teach me stuff I sorely need since I don't have a formal education.

    I moved from it support/operations/projects/programming into fullfledged development and I love every goddamn second of it, right down to trawling through old and ugly code trying to solve some bug or wedge in a new feature :-D
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    That sounds amazing, I hope that happens to me too :( I need to pay off my student loans
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    Don't get too low, some hiring is still happening during this time. And even if we consider it as low at this point, the thing is... The demand for CS IT people is only gonna increase and not the other way around. Hang tight and go all out on reaching out to your network. Yeah I may sound like a Linked In cringe post, but yes, networking helps during these times. CV, a good pitch, skills, experience, and if possible something to show - keep these ready. You'll get a job soon, good luck!
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