What makes a programmer a good one?

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    the size of his wee wee is normally a good indicator.

    Weird eh? I guees I say that basing myself on a the cock swallowers in here. Wanna be 1337? start talking shit about a programming language/platforms you didn't care enough to learn properly! Shit that is soooo l337!!!

    In all honesty thought, someone that can design software with the best practices in mind in terms of security, stability, performance etc would be a good developer in my book, also someone that can remain calm in stressful scenarios would fit my bill.

    Everything in the realm of comp sci is learnable, mental and personal attributes count a lot more in my book.
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    same as with other jobs - practice
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    Beeing able to predict what stupidities are the end users capable of.
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    Big tits and lung capacity
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    Being able to read and understand other people's code, and finding bugs just by reading it. Also, and actually especially, if it doesn't follow best practices.
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    For me it's some of the soft skills.

    Being able to listen to users feedback objectively, letting outsiders have an opinion (sometimes they'll know your software better than you do because they use it every day), explaining software in a simple manner. Think Richard Feynman, explaining complex things in a way anyone can understand, I've seen so many people light up when you can help them understand something they had no idea about before.

    If you're able to code well and deal with users and managers well, you're doing fantastic. It's honestly the only reason I think I'm doing as well as I am. I'm a pretty sub par programmer but I can talk to others well and that has helped me immensely.
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    Listen the sound of their “sigh” when they explain something difficult. If it’s a calm, gentle “sigh” with a friendly tone of hidden pain and suppressed desperation, then you’re in good hands, you’re talking to an expert.
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    Non-existent gag reflex.
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    LOL that’s a good one
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    Abstract reasoning
    Typing speed
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    Knowing you're better than everyone else

    Never making any mistakes

    Never, ever admitting your code is bad

    Taking credit for everything

    Shitting on any language you don't know

    Have a chip on your shoulder

    Have no sense of humour what-so-ever
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    @pythonInRelay shit dude so you're the ideal programmer huh?
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    Against clients. Otherwise it may depend how efficent you solve a problem.
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