Designer: These form elements should not be textboxes; they should be dropdown menu's.

Me: No problem. Done.

Designer: Could you make X the only selectable option in field A and Y the only selectable option in field B?

Me: I sure can.

Me: Implements a dropdown menu with only one option, knowing that asking questions would label me as "difficult" and "technical". Uploads to production, decides to take a smoke break.

My coping mechanism: Maybe you should also add an Animator to the IK targets on your character controller in Unity instead of depending on a slerped IK weight value.

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    Is he retarded or something?
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    That is not dropdown.It just a label.
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    The illusion of choice.
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    Smile and nod, smile and nod.

    ...and maybe hire some decent designers.
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    Write down every stupid idea they have, and when.

    Once you've accumulated enough, fire them; if you can't, anonymously shame them. I'll be fun 😊
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