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    Yes but now you have to melt it all and build a virus statue to our new gods
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    Is it solder? No? What is it?
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    @Diactoros task added. xD
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    @ScriptCoded Yes, it is solder πŸ˜‚ it's been a while since It got tangled.. I use to cut it from anywhere and just start using it... :p
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    Where did you get THAT MUCH of it?
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    @Gregozor2121 I purchased 300g (only - not THAT MUCH) rolled properly (but not rolled on a proper plastic reel, it got messy over time)
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    @shubhrohilla Looks like fucking terminator worms or something πŸ˜‚ But sure, you rolled them. But how did you get there is my question? That must've been a lot of moving around.
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    First, I knew it's not in a single piece so Imma find multiple end...
    Then instead of finding a random end and then moving its head to untangle that part only I went for a little aggressive approch
    Where I jumped right in the middle and started to randomly just spread it out and make some room all around

    Then comes my eagle eye into play, I was quick to ping and pick the ends which I found to be short,, so with the shorter parts I start moving them around in a snake motion and quickly seperated them...

    Then with the average length parts Initially I started with the same technique and then mixed it up with real time rolling up process but at this point snake movement is no good because of the rolled up ball.. so I went for the gorilla tactics (somewhat like the Tarzan)
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    ... At this point I had managed to get 5 rolls out of it.. now I was in a situation where I could see three wires going parallel to each other.. and so it was time for an ages old Japanese bondage tecnique, which is used for rope binding (but in reverse order!) I untangled the string from somewhere in between and hooked the middle part apart from each other and now I just started the unbinding process ...
    And finally it was untangled
    but in the last stage I when I applied a little force there was a week point from where it broke ...
    Then I rolled up these remaining two pieces!

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    @shubhrohilla Good job dude. Good job...
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