Tried to upgrade my internet connection from 25mbps to 75mbps. My ISP sent me a success message through email and sms and can confirm that the speed is legit (upload/download). One day later, no internet connection again. Why the fuck does this shit keep on happening to me. Quarantine sucks.

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    Your isp sucks
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    Maybe dont dick with important stuff in time of emergency? Just like dont deploy on fridays?
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    No, your ISP sucks.
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    @Gregozor2121 That's the ISP's job to decide. It's also their job to inform users in emergencies that they don't have a fallback so certain changes may carry a higher risk of outages.
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    @Lor-inc Yep it is mostly their problem. But we are smart peope and we know that any change has a chance to backfire so we should always judge if it is worth it on our layer. Stupid companies are too common.
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