So i got a message on a job platform today from a recruiter. So far nothing unusual. But what he wrote was really disgusting. It was basically something like this:

"Since many engineers now lose their jobs in the covid-19 crises, rest assured that we are still hiring! I work for a large company blablablabla..."

So he tries to play with your fear of losing your job in the coming depression. It's also quite possible, that he will also try to negotiate a shit salary for you. Since at least you have safe job now, right?

Fucking disgusting pig.

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    You should give him something to sweat about - the more people are being left go, the less the employers are looking to hire, and the ones looking to hire now have droves of applicants.

    Basically - the next jobs for the chopping block are very likely to be the recruiters themselves.

    And how hard could it be for a recruiter to find a job? /Sarcasm followed by evil laughter
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    Recruiters are fucking scum of the earth.
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