I'm stuck in another country because of coronavirus, living in my mother in law's house, which is a church.

this church has two levels. while we are in the higher level, the lower level is being rented to some women that I hadn't seen since I've been here.

there is a library at the lower level next to their rooms and I'm using it to work because I can't focus with all the chatter in the upper level.

second day of work and 2 hours into coding, I get my balls held onto my legs. Trust me, I had just taken a proper shower, and I don't sweat a lot, it's just my balls being balls.

Naturally I try to separate said balls from my legs with my balls. Guess who the fuck I see passing through. One of these women.

Jesus fucking christ. What a good first fucking impression. Me with my hand in my fucking crotch.

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    That's the most Anne Frank thing I've read all day.
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    Maybe she's thirsty and has been waiting for that moment. You should bless her with your holy water or make her drink the wine.
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    As my dad used to say: Life makes the best jokes.
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    So you didn’t get sucked in a church today. You make jesus sad.
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    @blol your dad is a wise man
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