Man I really don’t like component libraries... perhaps there’s some thought out libs out there. But so far it’s been as if I were to build a bridge with a bunch of “reusable” parts but no one knows what the fuck they may be meant to do so no one bothered to account for anything and didn’t even fit screw holes or something.

So now I have to weld and screw everything together with fucking JavaScript in 10x the time it would have taken me to build the part myself.

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    Have you ever heard of UIKit?
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    I actually liked it once I found a semi-reasonable use for it. I wanted to make all the inputs editable onmouseover and look like regular texts onblur, I could just create a web component and "reuse" the tag. I knew I could do it with pure css and js but web components is nice way to put it all together in one place and I was excited to play with a new toy.
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    For single page apps you can also start from scratch with an easy setup (eg parcel-bundler).

    @AshesOfTheSun depending on the use case you could have also just added a input:hover/focus CSS rule that would only show the input borders and outlines on interaction. 200% faster =)
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    @webketje Yea but that's too simple!
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