TLDR So according to our managers, our company is not dead yet, but very close to the edge. And there's nothing I can do about it.

Basically, they are asking the software devs to twirl our thumbs while we wait for other departments to pull us out of the dirt. Meanwhile, those people who can actually do something to get everyone back on track are running for the hills, looking for greener pastures (you know, sinking ship, turns out rats can swim).

I was told that I shouldn't leave as I am a 'vital part of the team whatever and so on'. But that is difficult to believe when I'm looking at 2 years minimum, in which nothing I will develop or have worked on in the past will make any difference. Whether I keep my job is determined by people who love numbers and have little concern for me as a person (not that this is new, but at least I was contributing before).

Guess I will be spending all that extra time at work reading and programming personal projects, since aside from no new projects, there will be no budget for taking courses that were promised before. Oh, and polishing my resume so I'll be ready when this ship finally goes down.

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    Yes, it seems ago is time to explore better opportunities. Getting a job is easier when you have a job. Good luck.
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    @Jumpshot44 Thanks.. I'm still kinda hoping I can somehow help turn this around, but looking can't hurt..
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    @arminiae apart from loyalty to the people who hired you, what is keeping you there? They offer no job security, they have not supplied the preoffered courses and by all accounts you do not feel part of the team. Why save it when you could leave? you need to be selfish when it comes to your career, same as they are in asking you to stay. Just my opinion, of course do what you think is best, you obviously know more about the situation than some dude on the internet.
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    @beverest The points you make are very valid.

    The job and working environment here are (were) actually great. We made quality software, people respect each other, optimal conditions. What killed us is that someone at the top made all the wrong decisions.. So while I know that I should be looking out for my own career (as some others are doing), I find letting this go while there 's still some hope left, and with the rest of my team supposedly depending on me, is harder than it looks.
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    ++ for you being proactive and working on your personal skills. Continue to do this and also look for another place. You will be in a better position when (not if) the current place goes under.
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    @arminiae when others depend on you the decision becomes so much harder, I can empathise with that. Best of luck however the chips fall.
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    Ask how you guys can help and maybe ask for some pluralsight accounts to compensate for the training budget, which they can now classify as a small fixed expense.

    Best of luck dude!
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    this is sad....
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