So, who's been laid off so far due to covid-19?

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    📌 for future hiring
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    Also state your technical profile and experience. And your last salary. And country you're in. Might be useful for @sortoftested
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    bool laid = false


    Yep, laid has been off since this started.

    Wait, what was the question?
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    I'll probably get canned within 2 months i think
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    @Demolishun The very opposite here 😊
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    Laying off is not good.
    Re-hiring later will be a pain.
    On the other hand, stopping pay is a better idea.
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    @hash-table I want to become a canned tuna!
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    Lol noobs, not got hired in the first place due to corona virus.

    Yes I am crying, it was going to be my first ever dev job.
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