I wish to learn embedded systems and programming . Are there any online courses and mobile apps,? I'm a beginner.

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    So... what have you found already?
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    Embedded is quite hard for beginner, but buy Arduino (atmel), STM32 or some other microprocessor and start tinkering. C/C++ are languages commonly used in embedded systems.

    But first before anything make a plan what you want to create, I started with temperature sensor for my garage with WiFi connection to send data to my home server.

    Start small, and make bigger. First just make small, for example on my first embedded I made just temp sensor and saved data into memory, I extended it with WiFi later.
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    @amatrelan thank you so much . Now I have got a clarity what I have to do.
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    Adding on to @amatrelan, a few other arduino/ raspberry pi projects you could work on are:

    Connecting it to your lights to make them turn on automatically (use an electronic switch)

    A radio/ music player

    Some kind of robot

    And there are sensors you can play with for pretty much anything, not just temp
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    @LavaTheif Thank you . I have one more Doubt what is the difference between 'C', 'embedded C' and 'arduino' programming . I have bought Arduino mega 2560.
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    I can highly recommend the arduino starter kit.

    It contains a couple of sensors motors and stuff and a book that has examples and challenges in it.

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    @shyamsundhar Embedded is pure, Arduino is a framework for embedded C.
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    I can recomended Arduino. You can even code a freaking satellite and send it to space!
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