Pipeline time!

Ubuntu: 100% tests, 367/367 tests succeed
MacOS: 93% tests, 330/367 tests succeed
Windows: 71%, 285/367 tests succeed

Time to boot up a windows vm...

(these numbers are not accurate)

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    Update on the tests:

    50% \ and / issues, my bad I should have made them cross-platform

    20% git errors, apparently my tmpdir can not delete git clone objects and I have to manually (in code) chmod all those objects on windows before deleting the tempdir

    20% another vague error because Windows doesn't like writing to a tempfile

    10% openssl errors because Windows requires an extra flag or something
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    Another update: Windows works, now MacOS fails
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    Maybe a noob question, but why do you require your tests to pass on all 3 platforms?
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    @52cal because intend to distibute a CLI within my company, and everyone has a different pc
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    @alexbrooklyn "Wow this _would_ be very useful, can you make a GUI?" inbound
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