I use my windows computer usually for nothing but games. It's even a shared computer with my wife. But today I have to code something for this computer so I installed IntelliJ on it. And when it was done installing, it asked me to reboot the computer.

Honestly, I feel so nostalgic. Like I am a child again. Thank you IntelliJ or reminding me about my childhood.

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    Imagine having to reboot your computer for an IDE

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    Sounds like intellij has not kept their windows installer up to date ;)

    Not very many programs except some background services that require reboot now a days :)

    Still, there are more occasions in windows that require a reboot, mostly because things are more integrated in windows, for better and worse.
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    @kescherRant imagine having to reboot
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    Bootophobia is a widespread syndrome among Linux users.
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    Well, your first error was using IntelliJ.

    There is no other errors.

    But come on, use at least a good IDE not the shitiest ever existed..
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    Better yet, it still asks you to restart after updates in the year 2020

    Oh, my bad, it actually doesn't ask anymore
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    @NoToJavaScript Actually IntelliJ is quite nice. Especially for Scala. Definitely better than Eclipse.
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    @TheCommoner282 Well, if you think that, you never worked in a good IDE.

    Not a critic, just observation.

    Depends on language also.
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    @NoToJavaScript what ide do you recommend then?

    If you say visual studio, then I will laugh long and hard
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    Yeah. We all have opinions. But as long as there aren't any reasons linked to it, they are useless. Be careful. We tend to measure people by the worth of their opinions.
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    @dontknowshit nano. Without a debugger. Code semantics is your linting.
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    Why the hell did it have to reboot? I have half the jetbrains toolbox installed. Never needed to reboot.

    Also still a fan of Linux package manager > half assed store or chocolatey. Relaxed about reboots. Kinda like every OS but Windows. Just to piss off Windows groupie's.
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    @hjk101 The package manager is great for the system, system tools, DE and such, but it's total crap for applications. Torvalds ranted about that already back in 2014 at the DebConf, and it's still crap. Instead of solving the problem, stupid container workarounds came up.
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