Thought: Googling and using Stack Overflow is the fast food equivalent of coding. Sure you get an answer, but it's the minimal "nutritional value" you need to survive. Whereas if you had to go through the whole doc to do something, you were bound to stumble on a few things you didn't know, giving you much more knowledge in the end. Does that make sense?

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    Perfectly. Copying from SO etc. may just solve your immediate coding problem, but if you want to improve and build up your knowledge base, go back and read up on the actual documentation and best practices. Better yet, do that first and solve your problem on your own. ^^
    (theres nothing wrong with asking/googling for hints if course)
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    Anyone who copies and pastes code without understanding it isn't doing themselves any favours. I'd feel like I was cheating!!!
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    It's easy to say when your company doesn't evaluate your performance only by doing stuff before deadlines
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