Any recommendations for books on system administration in *nix? BSD books also second!

I've always been a programmer but would love to learn about sys admin.

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    Get yourself on digital ocean or aws and play away. Follow tutorials, fiddle. Break things. Remove instance / droplet. Repeat.

    You get pretty damn good after a while. Does helps to have a clue as to what you're wanting to achieve though!
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    Ps sorry it wasn't a book suggestion
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    @localdam Yeah that's definitely something I'm going to do. I'm not really sure what my end goal is. This is more of a curiosity I hope to turn into a hobby.

    And no worries ! Any advice helps.
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    Not really in a professional sense, but try out Arch&Gentoo. Learned a lot during the installatiom&usage of them and they both have a great documentation
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