Not fun, exactly, but trying to convert a Wordpress site into GatsbyJS to speed up the godawful site of an organization I just joined.

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    doesn't it fuck up your search engine rankings?
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    @molaram if you don't maintain the same URL routing it will have a massive hit to seo and traffic.

    If you can swap systems and maintain url's then should be fine.
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    @C0D4 how about the page html? Google seems to like wp more than anything else
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    @molaram meta data (keywords / description, page names ect) and the content it's self need to be maintained as for the markup, not that I'm aware off but knowing how these spiders work it's possible it could have some affect.
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    @C0D4 i wanted to get rid of a WP site once so i just converted it all to html, everything worked perfectly but fucking google kicked it to the 5th page. took a couple years to get it back on page 1 after installing wp back on. now I have to keep a separate box up for a bunch of wp sites I'm too scared to stick my cock into in any way. would be nice if gatsby worked though
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