Job is just that - a job, no one cares about you or your feelings, if you’re being treated well, that only means you’re valuable asset, which company doesn’t want to loose, but they will get rid of you on first opportunity, when you’ll appear not as valuable enough or when your opinions/values won’t match.

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    Then, be valuable and not just another dev in a sweat shop.
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    @C0D4 oh, do not worry, I never experienced this first hand, but saw companies treating my colleagues as shit..
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    Not all companies are like that. Not saying they wouldn't work without you, but still, there is a difference between treating someone like an asset or a slave.
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    No, they’re all like that. Companies are business, their whole purpose is to produce money (not talking about non-profit), if you don’t make any profit for company, for very best you will have evaluation meeting, for worst you will be fired. Whenever money are on the stake, it is true and will always be. Feelings and money just don’t go together.

    Now what you may mean, that management will be nice and transparent with you, because again companies are run by people, but in the end for the sake of business, you’re just an asset.
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