During the last few hours, at least, 4 coworkers got let go because of financial reasons.
I'm pretty safe, as I'm an apprentice and here (Germany) apprentices can't be fired easily, except after breaking the company-rules/law.
However, I'm afraid the company might be closing down in a few weeks/months.

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    Contact the IHK.
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    @stop Sounds good in theory but actually IHK couldn't give less of a fuck about apprentices losing their job during apprenticeship. Had a friend to whom that happened mid year 2 and he was told to just find something else then and start again at year 1...
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    @don-rager depending on the job you can start at year 2. But remember your Ausbildungsvertrag is with 3 parties. The IHK has duties, more than providing the exams and collecting money.
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