I miss my co-workers.

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    Me too.
    And we have at least a month of quarantine
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    @pmso It has already been more than a month here 😞
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    I am at 1 month and 1 week of quarentine. And the government (Portugal) predicts another month, at least.
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    Don't be able to go to the office sucks so much.
    Split between work and life disappears.

    You spent half-day waiting that your colleague answers.

    Some guys sleep in the morning, others stop answering at 19h.

    Some guy of your team decides to resolve a issue of a subject that it's me who know it best/responsible and don't say nothing to me.

    In my case, I have my (little) brother and parents at home. My parents can be more annoying than my brother. Right now, I'm the only working and my parents don't stop a little. They are cleaning the house, baking something, washing all clothes, search youtube ,facebook, etc and always asking me for help or showing some stupid video while I'm TRYING TO WORK!
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    Aww, I miss you too, buddy

    @pmso Some people don't understand that you are working even when you're in front of your computer. Good luck
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    I tried to shoot my co-workers and missed them too. I feel you.
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