Just following the you vs the guy trend

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    Tsk tsk.
    So many thousands of points and you are down to "following the trend" ;)
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    Pretty sure you are winning here...
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    And this is why I don't like this demented trend of removing an option to replace the battery.
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    @KeyWeeUsr removable battery has so many advantages. But these companies are sheeps as well. Samsung was different but they lost it as well.
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    @forkbomber points are least of my concerns. I just love this community 😉
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    @tahnik Yeah. I probably won't buy a device that has the battery soldered anymore (not talking about some "special" motherboards). And with the removable battery there's at least minimal chance the stupid battery will jump out just because of the pressure or other stuff if there's a well made cover. Good job repairing anything that's soldered, retards.
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