What if we optimize this ?
We have to optimize this.
Don't worry well optimize it.
Optimize, optimize, optimize.
I'm sick of this word !!! It doesn't have any meaning to me anymore !!
Yeah. My manager has me on my nerves.
Rant over.

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    Same thing with games: "iT's NoT OpTiMiSed". Fuck this, it's not non-optimised, it's just poorly written. You don't snap your fingers and "optimise" it, you throw it out and write it anew.
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    @kamen yeah sometimes I want to do just this...
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    You're right, let's circle back to that word later and improve it.
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    @Jilano I hate you 😂
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    This rant is unnecessarily wordy, could you try to optimise it a bit?
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    If you're optimizing from n^2 down to n or whatever, sure. Go for it.

    If you're saving a ms here or there purely because of your manager's ego... well, I tend to call BS, and ask if he'd sooner me work on that or all the other more useful stuff I could be doing.

    (General applications only of course. Before everyone jumps on me, I'm well aware there's some scenarios where every nanosecond is vital...)
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    @AlmondSauce actually, it's more of an off the charts optimism that everything will be handled and solved by software, when there are other ways of solving problems, said ways having a greater potential impact.
    (I'm working in a Biomedical company, and I feel the pressure of everything relying on software when there is biology involved)
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    Optimization is an over-used, under-understood term.

    You have to optimize _for_ a specific behavior.

    "Is the code optimized?"
    "Yes. It is optimized for RAM usage. It uses every last bit of RAM on the server"
    "No, I mean is it optimized?"
    "Yes. It is optimized for disk usage. It pegs those suckers at 100% for the duration."
    "NO! I mean IS IT OPTIMIZED?"
    "The code is clean and readable..."
    "Thank you! Carry on."
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