How long y'all think it is before we get things like Spotify integrated into video games, especially sports ones where it makes the most sense.

Hopefully soon, because I'd be down.

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    I'm neither a client of Spotify nor sport games, so can't say much

    But I guess you could always post that idea somewhere it'll get attention!
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    @Jilano oh I'm sure it's been brought up many times since most of us already turn the game volume down and play Spotify in the background.

    Just think it'd make life better to integrate it already. But to be fair, if it's gonna make the game a lot bigger fuck that. It's already almost 100gb
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    xbox doesn't already do that? They've had the general media player available in games since the first model, I woulda thought they incorporated other music apps into it after live became such a big thing
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    Gamedevs will mostly not do it because of time constraints tighter than your CPUs transistor arrangement and/or the "Additional Music/Radiostation" DLCs for 5 to 20 bucks.
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    @Stuxnet they probably just add webplayer in the background and let’s you control from other device app
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    @M1sf3t Mate, you just made me remember that first Xbox... It was so great! I remember that beast with its 8GB hard drive! I used it so many times just to rip CDs and play them. It was truly great

    Edit: Look at that beautiful UI https://i.redd.it/fyx1yl6h1iv01.jpg
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    @devTea problem is, I can already do that. I'd just like to be able to play 2k with music, and if a song comes on I don't like, all I gotta do is press pause and change it from the immediate pause menu vs having to pause, open the app and change it.

    It's major first world issues, but it's also something I feel like should be a normal feature. That way the music can be "up to date" so to speak.

    At the bare minimum do whatever they do at Rockstar to keep the music in GTA up to date(ish).
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    @Jilano yea the xbox legitimately almost warmed me back to microsoft, especially when they named their assistant cortana. I had been trying to get siri to let me call her that for a whole year.

    That being said, I was late to the party for every release so I didn't experience any of the early release problems. My cousin did though, he had the red ring problem then the replacement they sent had the power supply burn out. He gave me the third replacement after he got impatient and used that as an excuse to buy an elite.

    Tho those may have been the 360 now that I think about it. I got both from him at one point or another. Also got a third when he moved to the bay and could cram it into his 100sqft apartment. There all still here just itching to be networked together for a halo party like we used to have back in the day 😂
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    @M1sf3t Halo reach was my shit back in middle school.

    That and the OG black ops
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    @Stuxnet we played halo 2 mostly, though at the time I was still stuck at the house catching up on 1. I had some friends that converted their entire house into a nonstop lan party though. Think there might've been 6 of them total with 4 xbox's between them. Then there were about 6 or 7 regulars that would stop in the minute we got off work and stay til well after they would all go to sleep most nights.

    They eventually moved on to three but that was about time I made the mistake of poking my head back up in hattiesburg where the law finally caught up with me for all my shenanigans from a couple years before. I don't remember 3 or the reach release. Reach was probably when i was in iraq. We all played cod over there, first the modern warfares then that retarded one the came out with that no one liked. I moved on to black ops and ghosts when we got home. those 2 where my shit.
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    As someone with experience with the Spotify API, it requires an embedded web browser to authenticate.
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