This was initially a reply to a rant about politics ruining the industry. Most of it is subjective, but this is how I see the situation.

It's not gonna ruin the industry. It's gonna corrupt it completely and fatally, and it will continue developing as a toxic sticky goo of selfishness and a mandatory lack of security until it chokes itself.

Because if something can get corrupted, it will get corrupted. The only way for us as a species to make IT into a worthy industry is to screw it up countless times over the course of a hundred years until it's as stable and reliable as it can possibly be and there are as many paradigms and individually reasonable standards as there can possibly be.

Look around, see the ridiculus amount of stupid javascript frameworks, most of which is just shitcode upon vulnerabilities upon untested dependencies. Does this look to you like an uncorrupted industry?

The entire tech is rotting from the hundreds of thousands of lines of proprietary firmware and drivers through the overgrown startup scene to fucking Node.js, and how technologies created just a few decades ago are unacceptable from a security standpoint. Check your drivers and firmware if you can, I bet you can't even see the build dates of most firmware you run. You can't even know if it was built after any vulnerability regarding that specific microcontroller or whatever.

Would something like this work in chemical engineering? Hell no! This is how fucking garage meth labs work, not factories or research labs. You don't fucking sell people things without mandatory independent testing. That's how a proper industry works. Not today's IT.

Of course it's gonna go down in flames. Greed had corrupted the industry, and there's nothing to be done about it now but working as much as we can, because the faster we move the sooner we'll get stuck and the sooner we can start over on a more reasonable foundation.

Or rely on layers of abstraction and expect our code to be compilable on anything the future holds for us.

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    Honestly if you think about, it could easily be argued that the tech field is actually one of the biggest threats against all these stupid corrupted politics.

    Some examples:

    Governments developed certain programs to collect data or able to get data from ISPs.

    - Well now we have VPNs etc to hide from this.

    Well my point is, everytime some stupid government has come up with some new politics to stop or abuse something, people has always been able to encounter it in the tech field.

    (I hope it kinda makes sens, wasnt sure, how i would word it correctly)
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    @Frederick I think this is a result of the abscence of locality on the internet. I think this is necessary, the only way to take IT to its maximum potential is to make it rely fundamentally on no laws, no any specific nothing but mathematics. That's why I think that the proprietary firmware/hardware situation can't last, that the only way to handle proprietary software in the long run (I mean decades or even centuries) is to jail it, because businessmen, dead guys and especially dead businessmen are not to be trusted, and that eventually the web will tend towards zero trust systems on general.
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    There is no future for any of us, for anyone, or any industry.

    Theres always suicide by alcoholism. That sounds like a fun hobby.
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