My company just announced we're going to have a one week furlough. It's bad, but not as bad as a layoff. If we miss Q2 (which we will with the current state of affairs), then we will have layoffs starting in July I'm sure.

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    shit, so what happens when you get furloughed? do you get payed or you get nothing. (i'm swiss)
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    In the US, furloughed employees retain full benefits, and are eligible for unemployment, which pays a sliding scale based on your salary up to $74,000 with the recent addition of a $600 benefit for the duration of the corona crisis. The amount can also vary by state.
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    @SortOfTested thank you for this explanation.
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    What is the situation now? In the case of a layoff, there is an open-source project on Github to help stay connected to the job opportunities: WillBeAllRight - COVID 19 with concrete suggestions and pitfalls to avoid like questions that should be immediately asked after the notification.
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