Survived first round of layoffs.

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    congratulations 🎉
    I think next one can be bigger.

    I hope company country I work for won’t be so fucked up as my country and I would keep my contract.
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    damn, you missed your excuse to get the fuck outa cali 😅
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    Fire the firers!
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    @Root By gods, you're right! Let's call the firefighters!
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    @M1sf3t actually northern cali is best place to be right now amidst all this. Very low numbers. I would hate to be in the South this month and next.
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    @hash-table nah, they're just making us look bad on the news. Y'all forget that we're still very much practitioners of common sense and don't require our governor to tell us when to use it. Not to mention, we could realistically continue business as usual and 90% of the people here not risk coming 6ft from one another whether they were trying to or not.

    The largest city near here is Hattiesburg and it's got like 25 cases. My county of 20,000 is at 5 and that's only because someone moved home from new york with it just as people were starting to become concerned with europe. Goes to show you how futile trying to contain the spread of it was, I think they said he got here nearly a week before the first cases were discovered in new york.
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