About two weeks ago i posted a rant containing an email from the big boss. Today they held a "virtual town hall" where people could ask questions, get answers, and generally just be online. Went fairly well, good info was handed out, and i think people mostly enjoyed themselves (even if it was at the expense of the higher-ups).

Then comes the email. The same person as last time had this quote:

"I’m good at giving advice, so I need to take some of my own.  I intend to take it easy this weekend, watch Netflix, do some household chores, play the piano and maybe even read a book! "

Jesus christ. Remember those memes about zuck being a robot because everything he does it looks and feels like it's an alien trying to blend in? That's what this feels like. On a normal workyear i would hear from this person 10 times TOTAL. I have heard from them this amount in the past 2 WEEKS.

Maybe it's the virus, but this is driving me INSANE. If there's any lesson you can learn from this, it would be:

Dont pretend like you care by not knowing or learning anything about the people you work with.

Jesus they even sent out surveys to see what the telework experience is like... THE RESPONSES ARE RECORDED AND PUBLICLY DISPLAYED!!!


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    Some people want to go high up the corporate ladder to collect narcissistic supply. I know a few in my company who does that wannabe role model bullshit when no one really looks up to them or gives a shit about their existence.

    One guy completed some GCP certifications and wouldn't shut the fuck up about it, even made his own AMA section. Meanwhile, most of the developers who do the actual development work can't fit in enough time to review all the modules for that kinda shit because they're constantly getting impromptu anal fucking from the braindead fucks we currently have in project management.

    Not shitting on certifications but damn, narcs love them. Anything to get praise and fool themselves into thinking they have massive cocks and thick dick juice.
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    @rutee07 you reminded me of something: she's also doing this "daily theme" for shirts, like one day is old movie shirt, another is band shirts, etc...

    But here's the thing: i have NO meetings with her EVER, and YOU HAVE TO BE ON WEBCAM! And if you dont have any attire like that, then fuck you! Its like a double edged sword except anally penetrating you 4 times with both sides. Fuck the lot of em. Hope you dont have to deal with it as much as some of the middlemen do (managers but still involved in the day-to-day)
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