playing D&D today:
Minotaur player charges in the direction of a Gnome player, to save him from receiving damage.

Gnome player is floating in a magic broom, Minotaur sends him flying off.

DM: Roll for dexterity
Gnome: Nat20
Dm: *starts playing Tokyo Drift*

The whole fight was basically a gnome, flying in a magic broom 3 times his size while tokyo drift plays in the background.

Do you guys play D&D? If so, care to share a few funny stories?

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    I played a would-be red wizard (the Thay kind) who would cast shatter on the skulls of whichever enemies pissed her off.

    I'd also make armored foes trip and would mend their armor to the floor. It was my signature spell, so I could cast it at range.

    In another scenario, I cast hold person on some bandit, held a firebrand under his crotch, and start d singing "chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." 😊
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    @Root ahahahah i would probably fail any of these if i tried, my rolls tend to be 1~10 mostly
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    I only heard of it, i never played or heard of someone who plays it.
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    @stop More people do than you think, it often just isn't a topic you talk about without any reason.
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    @Root @Kashmir I threw a lava wave at my players after they'd killed the BBEG (or, at least, who they thought was the BBEG (I hope none of them are here)). They were in a huge cavern that was collapsing around them and about half the party was either unconscious or dying from the fight.

    While the other folks were going around hurriedly reviving the fallen, the party barbarian noticed that they'd forgotten one player who was unconscious and was also very close to the approaching lava wave. Seeing that no medically inclined player was around to help, the barb rushed over to the player and lifted her in a fireman's carry, turned towards the lava wave and... drew his huge three-handed sword and said that he's going to surf the wave.
    He rolled a nat 20 on Athletics.
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    @RememberMe i still am puzzled about the three handed sword
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    @Kashmir a two handed sword is a large sword (it's a reference to its length, not the number of hands you use to hold it)
    So a three handed sword is even longer. Of course it's an impractical weapon, but this is a towering Goliath Barbarian we're talking about
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    Only played twice.

    I was a dwarven cleric who was murderous and greedy.

    We were doing a lich run and went through a courtyard with a well. Everyone was terrified to climb down it. So I did. DM rewards me with a jewel encrusted dagger. Because of the delay we get in a fight.

    We enter a tomb, where against my compatriots wishes I open a coffin, and the DM rewards me. And then because of it we have a room battle down in a crypt and then we go down a hall. Multiple open pits the width of the hall, too far to see down below.

    DM announces we hear weird noises coming from them. Everyone decides to avoid investigating them and just leap across. Except for my dwarf.

    My mates are pissed at this point. The chaotic neutral rogue threatens to kill me.

    Naturally I climb down and return with a handful of gold and silver. Fucking rogue loses his mind and in a short battle kills me.

    DM shortly revives me and the player playing rogue walks off cussing.

    Shit was great.
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