Hello guys!

Im tired of how the developers hiring process works now days, so im starting to get energy for create something that changes this shit, but i want to make this an Open Source Project.

I write a post on reddit, check it! there i explain more or less what im thinking, but a resume for you:

"A Global and Automated platform, where Developers can apply, and after some testing and data collection, being listed and available for hire in a "Developers Marketplace". Later, Companies, Startups, Organizations and Individuals interested in hire Developers, can Sign In to the platform, and start looking exactly for what they need. In the case of non-technical individuals, there can be automated team assemblers for common workflows."

Get in touch on reddit, or here! lets make a change. Or maybe im just a kid going crazy? :(

The reddit post https://reddit.com/r/opensource/...

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    I mean, your heart is in the right place, but I'd never be interested in freelancing in this industry. Companies are already doing everything they can to commoditize dev labor, I'm not about to help them.
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    @SortOfTested hey! i dont like freelancing too! it is broken and a pain, the aim of the platform is not to be a freelancers platform, but developers platform. add your doubts to the reddit post! i will give you response fast!
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    We're already talking here. Not interested in crossing the streams and creating traces on a site I routinely use to vent about my shitty employers/contractholders.

    Best of luck though!
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    This is literally Toptal.
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    @hashedram this is not toptal, toptal is an Agency, as an agency, they assume lot of cost, for hiring and vetting devs. The platform i propose is an Open Source, non lucrative organization that will support the future of hiring processes
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    I like how someone - the post without explaining why.
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    @ElPapi42 Let me rephrase. This is magical Toptal where you expect good devs to flock to your congregation for no reason or profit. Not exactly a viable business model.
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    @hashedram the idea is to design a an automated tests strategy that help us to vet the Developers.

    My first thought about this is prepare a pool of technical questions about the topics or skills the signing in Developer claim to have, for example:

    if the dev say he knows flask, react.js, and vue.js, the automated test will draw 30 technical questions about each skill, that means, the specific Developer must complete an exam with 90 questions. that us very intensive, and it can be mixed with timing for each question and some protections for minimize the risk of cheat. This can be improved further, but this is the basic stuff, what you think?
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    @ElPapi42 All of this already exists. Cutshort for example is a job site that does precisely this and it hasn't succeeded much at all.

    Hiring processes are still incredibly subjective to the task at hand and trying to generalize the process is not as simple as you're imagining at all.
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