Learning C++
im excited. i aim to start development with wxwidgets

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    Oh trust me that enthusiasm will go away as soon as you start using more than one file. It's the worst I swear
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    @shoop Really? That part was never an issue for me. It's always been the OOP stuff combined with memory management.
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    @AlgoRythm oop is fairly simple for me to understand. It's the endless libraries and linking files and headers

    Also memory management, buts it's not a consequence of a messy language, more because it's so low level
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    @shoop Neither OOP nor memory management is difficult on their own, but when they cross in c++, it gets difficult.
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    When was the last time wxwidgets got updated? I will say look into this once.
    You can give QT a chance if u r working mainly for learning or open source.
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    Starting from C++ 11 memory management become easier.

    Use this rule. Pointer only point. You do not create new object or delete with pointer.Unless the memory address change just like when vector may invalid memory the rule is very useful.
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    Also look into imgui and nano gui for simple gui program.
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