One company i applied for never wanted to give me the job because they where building a prototype and they wanted someone familiar with their stack to get things up in a short time span.

*Fast forward 7 months*

The company i work currently with has been developing prototypes for startups to help validate their ideas and guess what, the bunch above came to our company unknowing that i work here and i have been put on the project as a lead.

Lol man, you cant write this stuff

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    Hahaha that's awesome :D
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    Hahahaha do they recognize you? Somebody shit their pants
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    @dalastTomCruise i sat in the meeting and the one dev that was in the interview with me. Well after thr meeting he asked how long ive been here and i told him about 7 months, he was like we can work together now (and im thinking this is probably the guy that said "no" to me joining). But im bigger than that. Ill do what i get paid to do and they can think what they like 👍 lol
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    "Lol man, you cant write this stuff"

    obviously you can. because you just did =D

    (i know what you meant, and i think the phrase goes a bit differently, though i can't remember how right now, but even if it didn't, i would have made the same joke)
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    @Midnigh-shcode "you can't make this stuff up"
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    @xewl yup, that's what I meant, except at that moment I couldn't remember what the correct phrase is. =D
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    You've got every reason to excell at that project for all professional reasons. And as a bonus to show then how wrong they were. They are probably paying 3x more to your current company for what they could have paid you as an in-house dev 😊

    And once project is successfully completed they might head hunt you and you can set your demands very high 😉
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    @Midnigh-shcode why bother correcting someone if you are too lazy to even look up the correct prounciation urself?
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    Holy shit, thats great man :D
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