Almond, are you there?

> Sure, of course.

Oh ok, it said you were on mute.

> I was, I always go on mute if I'm not talking to help cut down on background noise **hint hint**

That's very confusing for the rest of us, can you leave your mic on please?

> Right... Okay.

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    VERY confusing....
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    Sure. *turns on fan*
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    Ha, peasant. Not using a physical mute switch or a global mute hotkey that doesn't show in software? /s
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    In all seriousness, the things mentioned would've prevented that situation.
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    Come live with an Indian household so they can hear cookwares clanging together or live with a Filipino family and let the dogs bark senseless.

    Or maybe live with me so they can hear all the loud sex I'm not having. *Gloomy Sunday plays*
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    I have a switched-audio setup on my laptop for Zoom shit. If they ask me to please not mute, I just reach over and plug the headphone jack into the mic jack. This not only loops back, but adds static as my laptop's audio system can be overloaded if I walk within 30 feet of a staticky blanket.
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    We have strong mic etiquette at my work. If you've got background noise and you're not talking you'll hear about it and probably get muted. Which is annoying because I use a physical mute and often times people will mute me if someone else is making noise and then I'll try to talk later on but I won't realise I'm muted because I'm muted in software unbeknownst to me
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    @kescherRant I did after, but damn, I shouldn't have to resort to that...
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