We were once in an all hands (200+ people) and our over-seas folks had to call in. It was like 10pm there. One guy (who was on our team) was in bed with minimal clothing on, laying sideways in the come hither position on his bed. I think you see where this was going.

He accidentally had the camera on and briefly was on the projector in front of the entire meeting room, mostly naked. He saw what was going on, a look of terror came over his face and I never saw someone move so fast as he jumped off the screen and turned the camera off. There was a lot of shushed giggling.

Washboard abs though so it wasn’t like it was a total embarrassment. I was impressed frankly. Probably one of the best days in my professional career. We still love him very much of course, awesome team member!

The lesson here should be obvious. Even when you’re working from home, put your damn pants on for your meetings. You know just as well as the person standing next to you that every single GUI made in the last 15 years was designed to be as hard to use as humanly possible and as long as there is a chance that it’s going to show your bare ass to your company it will happen unless you got them pants on.

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    Also: webcam sliders.
    Use them.
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    Uff! Fortunately my laptop doesn't have a webcam. I do sometimes get paranoid and peep into the keyhole that's supposed to be the mic, just to make sure it's not the camera!
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    Even in television they wear underwear when reading the news, even if they don't have anything else on top of that !
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    That's pretty much the reason I have tape over my webcam as I'm lacking a slider. No need to worry when working naked.
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    I'll do it on purpose if I had washboard abs. Maybe people can do me favors. ;)
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    > Newsreader wears no trousers

    I hear it was no different in the 1960's..
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    Put stickers on mine.
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    @iamai stickers instead of pants? I like the idea but don't they leave glue residue on your skin?
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