Hello dR
Here after a long time
I'm getting way to stressed with the assignments my college is throwing at me atm
I can feel the depression returning to me
I am quite mentally unstable (after way too long)
From my home, I'm already at record low productivity but the college is not letting it slide off just yet...

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    @sweetnothings depression because I'm no more able to focus on shit, and pile of work to do.... I can't do shit

    Since writing the post, another worry has come across is about my family, as father owns wholesale medicine shop; and there have been deaths of some near and dear doctors and chemists
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    @gitlog Sounds like an on set of burnout.. take care of yourself, sleep enough. Take a day or two completely off work, do something you like that doesn't require much focus or thinking.. If you're fucking up work due to lack of focus you're not being productive anyaway, so do something for yourself instead.
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